The BBL Aftercare Kit



We have partner with Beauty Comforts to bring you this amazing product.

The BBL Aftercare Kit offers a unique compilation of items which is not only useful and convenient in the immediate days, weeks and months after surgery – it’s a complete game changer! Your investment to under-go surgery deserves protecting; our BBL Aftercare Package is guaranteed to benefit your road to recovery.

At Beauty Comforts we pride ourselves on offering a unique product and service tailored to our client’s needs. We provide practical solutions to assist our clients on their road to recovery, in addition to offering services for moral support and guidance. All clients will receive impartial advice in preparation for surgery, through our BBL Aftercare Guide (this is included as part of your BBL Aftercare Kit). This easy read compact guide, journeys you through behind the scenes of a BBL procedure. The guide is an invaluable resource, presenting a wide array of insightful information on how to best prepare for your surgery.

What’s included?

  • BBL Pillow and BBL carrybag
  • Shee Wee and Shee Wee carry bags and instructions
  • 3x large Tena disposable bed pads
  • BBL Aftercare Recovery Guide (guide includes do’s and don’ts, impartial advice from experienced previous patients, advice on products that could speed up your recovery process, gems all BBL patients wish they had known before, what the Doctors don’t tell you)

Beauty Comforts

‘An Investment Worth Making’


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